Nathan Key (natekey) wrote,
Nathan Key

On Goverment

Taxes: No one wants to pay them, but they're the only way to pay for the things that the government needs to spend money on. And one of the downfalls of the neoconservative movement that's been raging in our country during the past 20 years is that they promise less taxes, then cut taxes, but they haven't cut back spending to match it.

I'm not a huge Bill Clinton fan, but his campaign in '92 had good words for this... "It's the economy, stupid."

And while I agree with Barack Obama's math skills (he knows that he needs to raise taxes to meet our deficit problems and allow for the programs he wants to create), one of my main problems with both neoconservative republicans and democrats is that they always seem to think that more government will fix our problems. Now, if there were a proven case for the positive impact of these wasteful bureaucracies- I’d be a little more receptive. But the thing is, each department in the government is just as susceptible to greed, power struggles, and oppression as the private sector- the difference is, when a private company gets found out they’ll either fail and people will move on somewhere or the public will forgive them and they’ll get better at whatever they do.

Not so with government- no matter how wasteful or greedy they get, they can force money out of the population to keep themselves going- or simply print more money (as they’re famous for doing lately) and devalue our currency in the process. Either way, we’re the losers who have to put up with less than adequate services at costs that are higher than they would be in a free-market (prices usually end up elevated and totally off-base with reality because there's no true competition). Here's a dare- name ONE government institution that works at a better level of quality and cost effectiveness than it's private counterpart?

The Mail System? Try Fed Ex or UPS if you really want it there on time...
The Education System? On average, private schools pay their teachers less money and yet the students learn so much better...
Social Security? Invest the same amount each week in any three stocks on the market and you'll have a better chance of a sound retirement...

The list could go on and on, but the fact remains that the answer can't be more government. That’s what both John McCain and Barack Obama offer. And while Barack Obama actually has a plan to pay for what he wants to incorporate- I think it’s the wrong direction and I wish there were a viable option three: someone who wanted to encourage the private sector to do things better than the government and figure out a way to allow the free market to determine health care, infrastructure, education, and retirement…

It is days like this that I really miss Ron Paul’s Presidential Bid.
I wonder if we’ll ever get a man or woman like him in office?
Tags: government spending, politics, taxes

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